Exceptional Education

Amy Brucher
Coordinator of Special Education
Email: Amy_Brucher
Phone 804-739-6275 x5122

Kendall Chase
IDP Coordinator of Special Education
Email: Kendall_Chase
Phone 804-739-6275 x5149

The Manchester High School Exceptional Education Team provides support services to help remove barriers to academic success for students with learning difficulties.

Some of the exceptional ed teachers collaborate with classroom teachers and co-teach classes in math, science, history, and English.

The exceptional ed department also offers smaller group classes for students with special needs. These small group classes fall under the following categories:

  • ED: Emotional Disabilities

  • LD: Learning Disabilities

  • IDP: Intensive Day Program

  • SID: Severe Intellectual Disabilities

  • MoID: Moderate Intellectual Disabilities

  • MiID: Mild Intellectual Disabilities

  • Autism